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Hand crafted passion


Our story started in 1976, with the founder and owner of our company, Michalakis Constantinides, transforming his personal vision and love for interior design and the architecture of bespoke furniture, into a flourishing career.

Our prestigious reputation amongst our commercial and residential clients in the Cypriot furniture realm provides us with inspiration to continue to represent our brand’s philosophy. That is, to deliver you with first-class service and expert design consultation, providing you with furniture that outshines practicality, and becomes part of your world and design vision. 


More inspiration, more beauty, more luxury, more design.

SINCE 1976

You create through us.



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We love what we do, always custom-made for you. 

Our designs are made for the picky, the choosy, the ones who know what they want and how they want it. Available in a million ways, and in that one special way that fits you.  Only you. You can choose the model, size, cover, colour and material, and combine these features to bring your identity into our designs. We handmake it all for you using our finest materials and a big scoop of love.


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Custom Made, Custom Styled.

At Masterful Creations we're known for our strong design traditions. In our large selection of unique designer armchairs, you'll find many unique models that follow, challenge and experiment with this particular tradition. The chairs radiate exclusivity and stylish cosiness, wherever they are placed in the room.





This is where dreams come true.

The staple piece for each and every home, your sofa must provide the functionality for your wine-sipping, book-flicking, film-watching and game-playing, and yet must adorn your home with an aesthetic feast for the eyes. 





Life is too short not to have the perfect table for your coffee.

Welcome to the stage where imagination can rage. Wood, steel, brass, metal, glass, marble, ceramic, perfectly combined together, in different shapes and sizes, to produce coffee tables that are unique, practical and dynamic. Coffee tables that not only serve but also have an opinion.




MOLLY 2.jpg

Dramatically Symmetrical.

Maximizing space and hiding clutter is essential in every room, and whether it’s solely hiding cables and equipment you are after, or adding a splash of color and texture to your wall, our TV units will satisfy your every need. Either fixed to the floor or wall, or standing independently, our bold and beautiful selection of different shapes and sizes will compliment your other furnishings, and keep that clutter neatly out of sight. Together we will combine various materials like wood, metal or glass so as to fully customize your TV unit and make it unique, just like you.





Make every day a special day.

Create a divine culinary experience for friends and family by choosing a dining table that always delivers. Solid wood in its glory, metal in different colours, glass for those who dare, ceramic and marble for a richer surface; with additional mechanisms to expand and fit more people. We work on what best fits your home, needs and everyday life.




DUKE 1.jpg

Designed to Impress.

Play with texture, color and shape with our glorious collection of dining chairs to create minimal ambience, or bold statements around your table. Explore our collection and choose from a variety of fabrics and finishes to compliment your dining experience. Our dining chairs, like all our furniture, are designed to impress and made to last!





Space for all your weird little hobbies.

The more we have, the more we need, and space to store or display our precious possessions never feels abundant enough. To organize your clutter or display your prized possessions, books, photographs or art works, be prepared for our design possibilities to inspire you. Blend your storage unit into the background, or accentuate its presence as a statement piece – the choice is yours. 




bookcase CITY S greengrey close.jpg

Because it's pretty.

Our wall units and consoles provide the perfect framework for the things that mean the most to you – whether it's exciting art, personal heirlooms or your children's clay figures and paintings that have to be displayed. We have shelves, bookcases, media and dressing furniture, ideal for your needs, which combine an exclusive design with practical functionality. So, all your storage needs are fulfilled and it looks good at the same time.






The greatest love story.

Why compromise when we can customise? Float off and dream away with our endless variations and customizations to create the perfect bed for you to wake up in every morning with a smile. Being the most private and personal room in a home means your bedroom decor can be as wild and wonderful as you are!






coffee BELUGA 1.jpg

No holding back when it comes to luxury.

As classic-lovers, we at Masterful Creations fully appreciate the elegance and affluence of classical furniture and interior design, and also appreciate its prestigious craftsmanship. We look to push design boundaries, yet always maintaining the balance between the contemporary and the classical, and never compromising on quality or standards.



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